Monday, May 30, 2011

With a silent 'P"

Saturday found a couple of us in the lovely hamlet of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
(Apparently they like elephants, since even the Dairy Queen has one)
We were preparing to ride the CHIPPEWA FALLS CENTURY
of course we needed to eat dinner first . . . 
Yup, that's right boys and girls, not only can you satisfy your craving for a brew,
you can have it with lefse . . . 
(Patti, pay attention, new marketing opportunity?)
Since I know there is no way you believe this, I offer photographic proof
(just wondering: am I the only one who finds this very, very silly and strangely compelling?)
I had to explain lefse to one of my dining companions. 
He confused it with lutefisk.
Morning arrives, we meet up with Rick & Penny 
Rick offers to snap a photo
(Who is that guy on the right?  We never see his picture)
Whereupon we realize, that of the five of us, three are named: RICHARD
(I have never before used the word: whereupon)
That's OK, says Penny . . . One of them spells it with a "Silent P"
We soon meet up with Jim from St Louis.
Jim is president of the St Louis Cycling Club which is the oldest continuously operating cycling club in the country.  Coincidentally, is is located in St Louis
Jim told us he is so old, he recently had to change to Shimano Di2 components.
(Never mind that he may have been the fittest rider in attendance)
OH yeah . . . back to the ride . . . 
IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!   
Food was plentiful, and a big thanks the BOY SCOUTS
Weather was fine, the route UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
Mostly flat to slightly rolling, with perfectly scripted, flowing curves,
 dips and short climbs . . . PERFECT
and What ride in Wisconsin would be complete without
Looks like these folks took up the offer for free Leinies beer
Where but in Wisconsin?
As for Penny . . . you be the judge!
And . . . for old times sake;
Tuesday:  6:00 am at the corner of Superior & Lester River Rd
Wednesday: 6:00 am at "the Church"
Thursday: 6:00 am at the corner of Superior & Lester River Rd
Friday: 6:00 am at "the Church"

Friday, May 27, 2011

No slackers here!

Yes, we started and 6am, and yes, it was 39 F when we started but we still got it done:
Rich stayed home today, so things stayed a bit more civilized than usual......

Thursday, May 19, 2011


1. A person who avoids work or effort.

Given that there have been no updates to this blog for two weeks:
It is clear that this word defines me.
This simple fact has been demonstrated time and time again, and is well know to all.
HOWEVER, none of those pictured below shall be thusly described

Truth be told, the only reason this post is being posted (???)
is because my 2:30 flight departed at 12:46
and I find myself at the Duluth International airport
 with nothing but time on my hands
(can you say: idiot?)

Now . . . the important stuff!

Shanie: modeling her MN Iron Man Gran Fondo jersey. 
 I'd post a pic of the "other Duluth gal"
who earned one, but being a "slacker," she did not show for the photo shoot.
Although her identity shall remain hidden, 
it is rumored her name can be spelled with a single letter.
 The letter that follows "C"

Henceforth, none of those who rode that day shall ever be called "slackers ('cept me)
They rode in headwinds to 35mph, with temps just above freezing
Well Done to All!

Who are these boys with matching kit?
Perhaps the more important question:
Why are they wearing matching Jerseys?
(actually, I'd rather not know)

This single speed riders true identity has been hidden to protect him from certain embarrassment and the humiliation from riding a geared bike
(geared bike = slacker)

It was great to see Peter and James
even though they tired and bailed early (slackers?)
A couple of single speeds lounging
The grey one managed .5 miles before flatting (slacker?)
(note the cool, old school 27" wheels on the ghost bike)

when the sign said "Road Closed," this time they meant it.
  Or, it may be a clever way to shorten a ride, and become a

Monday, May 2, 2011

Random MN Ironman photos

I have no idea why this photo was important.  
Apparently it is an accomplishment to
stack four glasses and a Wood Chuck Cider bottle together.
I do know it took four tries before Dee was not "behind the bottle"
Man . . . Tim brought a lot of stuff . . .
While Dave has no idea where his stuff is
Can I update my Facebook page from here?
Yes . . . You can . . . if you mention me!
"Are we having fun yet?"
the "Other Duluth Group"
(I think that's a spoonful of peanut butter about to be launched)
I have no idea who these guys are, or how they got in this picture
. . .  but this is Eric . . .
(by the way Eric, call me about those hops)
yeah . . . yeah . . . I'm hot in this Italian jacket . . .
no you're not . . . but it's time to roll
After failing to attend the Carlton "Chicken Swap,"
(see; Riding Orange; the MisAdventures of Rich Hendricks)
Shanie decides to "kiss a cow" instead
These guys are unbelievable!
Absolutely no idea how they do this!
Remember that noise Hendricks was whining about starting at mile 70?
Unbelievable the tire made it home!
Tuesday evening . . . 5:15 at the CHURCH