Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pictures from a day . . .

NEW / OLD bike ready to rumble 
Off we go . . .
No idea what the guy on the right is doing with his hand
I'm glad that's not me, I might be embarrassed . . .
That's better . . .
oh . . . and . . . no, we did not beat the morning rain . . .
Later in the day it was gorgeous!
There is talk of a short, easy ride on Friday afternoon . . . 
check for details!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I meant THIS saddle

OK . . . so I actually meant THIS saddle!
Regardless, it was great to be back riding with my friends Dave 
and Mark (aka Mr Traffic Cone or Mr Czech beer .  .  .)
Heck, the boys even look happy
and, this Saturday is the HECK of the NORTH
Which means we better get out and ride
TODAY, WEDNESDAY:  4:30 corner of Lester River Rd and Superior St

Monday, September 27, 2010

Saddle up!

After nearly three weeks of no riding . . . 
riding with Team Evil  (web site  not for the faint of heart!)
I'll be pleased to be back riding with you guys and gals!
(not that I don't love my Fredericton comrades)
This weekend is the gravel classic the "Heck of the North"
Not much time left . .  .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

YSC Tour de PINK Photos

It looks like we were well represented (and quite stylish in matching jerseys) at the YSC Tour de PINK fundraising ride last weekend!

Well done ladies!

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival Results

For the Fat Tire 40 go here

For the Short & Fat go here

If you enter 'Duluth' in the find function on the respective toolbars, you can see how we all fared!

Monday, September 20, 2010

These are . . .

These are lights
These are bike lights
Get some
Put 'em on your bike
Ride your bike . . .

Congrats to those who rode the Chequmegon races this past weekend 
And a big THANK YOU to those who rode the YSC ride.  
Look for updates from New Brunswick as soon as I get busy
Lots of nice people to ride with here . . . 

Friday, September 17, 2010

What's Up on Saturday?

Reporting from the wilds of New Brunswick . . . today's update:
18 September:  The Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival.  Lots of people from this group are parkin' their road bikes and hittin' the trails in Hayward. Let's wish 'em well.  Have fun in the dirt boys and girls . . .     
18 September:  The Young Survivors Coalition have a fundraising ride this weekend on the Munger Trail.  A number of our members are taking time to participate in this event.
There is still time to register, ride 1 - 100 miles, 
and help find a cure for cancer.
Young and old, woman or man . . . this affects us all.
Everyone else:  Get Organized, and get to the MOOSE
Looks like last weekend you missed a great time
Take a look at this video

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Best Laid Plans . . .

Sometimes things just don't go as planned
As you know, Rich is working in New Brunswick this week,  probably on some CIA project.
. . .  or . . .He's back working in the bush . . .
  We'll go with "the bush"
Scenery is great
Work is hard
Rocks are large
Shrimp in the bush?
(rough job, but someone has to do it!)
Results are great!
(hang in there . . . we will get to the "Best Laid Plans" part!)
This really will be about bikes eventually
Lots of machines working together
Still . . . we decide to make machine modifications
Which necessitate shipping parts from Europe
Which means, "I think I got My Sunday's mixed up"
Rather than returning on 19 Sept, it will probably be 26 Sept.
(the "Best Laid Plans Part)
But that's OK . . . 
Fredericton, New Brunswick is a lovely city!
This week is also the
I think I will be just fine during my extended stay.
Fredericton is also home to
Savage's Bicycle Center, which just happens to be
(more on this later . . .  I gotta go ride my bike now,
 thanks to Matt Savage)
And FINALLY . . .  just for James, Dave and Deb
I think I beat all of you to this one

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The upside (and the downside)

Dave, Randy, and I met at 6 this morning as planned, only to ride through a brief rain shower (where did that come from?); rode up the shore, then up McQuade. We stopped at the top of McQuade for a quick clothing adjustment and were pleasantly surprised to find an abolutely stunning display of early morning color in the low lying cloud cover. As Dave would say "you could choose to be hugging your pillow at this time of day or choose to be out here for this". I'm glad I chose the latter today!

We'll be at the church tomorrow morning at 6am.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Soldiering On (so to speak)

For anyone who cares or is interested, Dave and I did make it out this morning, and yes lights are required for the first 20 minutes or so. There is also a certain quiet and peacefulness to the time just before dawn (especially once you're off the main roads).

We'll be at the base of Lester River Road at Superior street tomorrow morning!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Some of our members will be competing . . . 
let's get out and support them!
Even the mysterious Mr. CAD
(we really have no idea who you are)
The question has been posed: "but what's the rain criteria exactly?"
The answer:  it eludes me completely!  As the year has progressed, the definition seems to have changed.  To be clear:  it is much easier to "ride in the rain," than it is to "begin a bike ride in the rain!"
So what does this mean?  If it is not raining at the exact moment for which the ride is scheduled . . . we are going!  (that is if the roads at the meeting point are not too wet)
What does "too wet" mean? Your guess is as good as mine!
Bottom line:  Unless it is actually raining . . . show up!  
Once we are on the road, there is no turning back!
1:00 at the MOCHA MOOSE
This morning the colors were beautiful

It was GREAT to see Stacy out so early this morning.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


It seems one of our more "senior members" has crossed a threshold
My most sincere, deepest apologies 
for not bringing this to your attention earlier
And now, without further ado
May I present
no .  . . not the fish . . . it's "the man who can't be trusted!"
Yes indeed, STEVE has crossed the line into AARP land
Let's all wish him HAPPY 4 days after his actual BIRTHDAY
FRIDAY:  6:00 am at "the CHURCH"  See ya there!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

five little ice cubes

OK . . . so maybe it was a little cold this morning
We still had a BLAST!
Thursday 6:00 am at the corner of Superior & Lester River Rd
Forecast is for 40 . . . dress warm!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Trois Parcours Epique

Yes indeed, it was a cold start to a long day in the saddle
Much to the surprise of all, we had four riders for 
Dave's "trois parcours epique"
Temperature at 7:00 was 43 degrees . . . it soon dropped to 41, then 39.
For those that remember, "deux parcours epique" had a temperature of 95, this just seven days ago . . . that's right kiddies . . . 
a temperature change of 56 degrees.
Suffering from "small window" syndrome, Russ had to depart early,
leaving Rich with Dave S and Dave S.
It was easy for the Dave's to keep things straight . . . If a Dave wanted to talk with the other Dave, all he had to do was shout "Hey Dave."  It was a bit more complicated for a non-Dave . . . Therefore the Dave's became Dave Sp and Dave St (even that did not work since that starts with T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool)
For those unbelievers . . . frost on the spruce!
It would be fun to ride these tracks . . .
With three pair of cold toes . . . we arrived Hugo's
Don't laugh . . . it was pretty damn good
After 20 minutes at Hugo's, the temp had risen to a comfortable 54
It's not clear to me, with scenery like this
and pavement like this
why we don't see more (read: any) riders on FR11
Perhaps they are worried about being run over by a boat?
OK . . . how many times can you use the word "too, to, two"
on one sign?
sign, sign everywhere a sign . . .
do this, don't do that . . . can't you read the sign
(day's lesson in philosophy courtesy
"the Five Man Electrical Band")
YES . . . this is Minnesota
In two weeks time, this will be even more spectacular
The beginning of a "screaming" 12 mile downhill
OK . . . let me think . . .
That would be a "yes"
Not bad . . . 2 cheeseburgers for 2 bucks . . . thanks Holiday
Does anyone named "John" recognize this tree?
I can never get over this jersey / helmet combo
It makes me think Eddy is with us
Note to self:  Do not attempt to take photo
while riding through tunnel over rumble strip
and yes, the obligatory stop to assist stranded cyclists
wait . . . It looks to me like they have it handled . . .
This unplanned stop did cause us to be just moments late
Yes . . .  almost home . . . final total: 137.1 miles, 7hrs33 minutes
Well done to the DAVE'S . . . another finger of rum

SUNDAY: 6 SEPT  Jymy B's ride without Jymy B
oh no . . . not these guys again
Fortunately, others showed up
some a bit late, but smiling
Sheree . . . note how Rick is getting OUT of the car
We had a group of nine for Jymy's ride . . . without Jymy
OK, this might get just a bit complicated:
Since Wayne missed Saturday's ride to "brew beer,"
and since beer is often brewed by Budweiser,
and since Budweiser has draft horses
It only seemed right to put him in front all morning.
Russ, since he skipped most of  "Trois Parcours Epique"
was also sent to the front
All the way to the MOCHA MOOSE
("so I took off my hat, and said "Imagine That"")
(more words of wisdom from the Five Man Electrical Band)
ahh ... her bike is out of the car
We ALWAYS have a great time at the MOOSE
Today the Moose joined us
Look at that flag . . . BIG TAIL WIND!  YEE HA!!
It was simply a great weekend