Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the EARLY BIRD . . .


OK, I'm impressed!  NINE people showed up at Lakeview Covenant Church this cold June morning at 6:00 AM for a 30 mile spin through Gnesen Township!

Although we managed to avoid the dreaded fashion faux pas of yesterday . .  . 
 two of us obviously shop at Bonktown . . .
I think we my be getting just a little too friendly . . .
back to work boys
 Thank You . . . that's more like it
In fact . . .
This would be the last we saw of the "Boys in red"
after the first hill
Yup . . . they were gone
The rest of us "dropped like a dirty shirt, 
our tickets punched"
It was simply a splendid morning to be out!
From now on, no more bone shaking rides on my street
We love you guys (well, kind of . . .)
Remember:  Tomorrow we meet at 6:00 AM at the corner of 
Superior St and Lester River Rd. 
 Friday at 6:00 AM at Lakeview Covenant Church

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Rich says "let's ride some gravel!"

here's what he really means...... (click to open the video)

Now I know why he has those knobby tires!

Someone didn't read the memo

Today's test question:
Look carefully at the photos below:

Now, look at this photo:
Can you spot the faux pas?
For those of you either old (like me) or otherwise not yet awake . . . 
a not so subtle hint:
Five riders in blue ONE in yellow/green . . . or whatever you call that.
Seems either a bit suspicious, a fashion statement, or simply did not read the memo.
And finally . . . the movie of the day!

Note how one unnamed rider seems to move to the front when
 he realizes the camera is on him.  no comment . . . 

Monday, June 28, 2010

like a wet rat

OK . . . so we agreed to meet on this fine day at 6:00.  Weather promised to be nice for Russ' first day back from NYC.
We couldn't even make it to the start point before the rain began.
Before we knew it ... We were like four wet rats . . .
Saw who appeared to be DD riding solo back down Jean Duluth Rd.  Gee whiz that gal must start early.  Obviously tougher than we are, Clearly smarter too since she missed the majority of the wet.
Thought it would be fun to try a short video:

So, just what are those funny black things coming out of Dave's shoulders?

Regardless of the weather, we had a blast.  Glad to have Russ back, now none of us has to make decisions!

Yesterday's ride was a bit nicer.
I'll get the pics from the Superior Vista's Bike tour up soon.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The route less traveled . . .

One of the most joyous moments of bike riding, is when you "discover" a new route.  Today was one of those days . . .
After being a bit surprised that five riders showed for what was sure to be a wet ride, and after 13 miles of a "usual" route . . . Dave suggested we try something a bit different.
Instead of a left turn on Howard Gnesen from Normanna, we turned right . . . onto Locust,
within 1/2 mile we were treated to a lovely view of morning fog over Horseshoe Lake
(trust me, there was fog . . .)
It was simply a lovely diversion, up and down little hills, around corners
Just wonderful.  Thanks Dave!
Although the roads were a bit wet, we managed to
 beat the daily rainstorm
 . . . and had a great ride home!
Tomorrow is off to Washburn, Wisconsin
for the Superior Vistas tour.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Team Jolt gets polka dotted . . .

6:00 AM Thursday morning, seven riders heed the call and duly assemble at the corner of Superior St and Lester River Road, ready to do battle with road closures and each other.
Within minutes, the bunch is formed and riding like a machine
(again, as usual . . . the staff photographer is somewhere off the back)

As the sweat begins to pour, it almost looks like we are having "fun?"

(We somehow manage to get Steve past the first available 6:30 coffee stop)
Suddenly, and without warning . . . at the base of the day's only categorized climb, the rider from Team Jolt . . . Jolts ahead . . . as if possessed!
Bravely he rides, faster and faster . . .
. . . and captures the coveted . . .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

EM PL . . .

What happens when seven guys show at 6:00 AM on a Wednesday
 morning with rain in the forecast?
We have a "barn burner" of course!
That's right . . . a little EM PL (Early Morning Pace Line work)
left to right:
Dave S, Jim J, another Dave S, John H, Randy S, Tim S
(the staff photographer as always is somewhere off the back)
Thanks for coming Randy . . . but please, file off a couple of those teeth 
on your big chain ring!

Does anyone know where I can obtain one of those
"mechanical doping" motors?
I need to figure a way to keep up!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Notes from a Monday Morn . . .

note 1)   Six riders showed up seven rode . . . more on that later.  Pretty darn great for 6:00 AM Monday morning!
note 2)  Tim in the lead just two days after running at Grandma's!
Way to go Tim!
note 3)  Remember I said six came . . . yet seven rode?
You may notice that this rider does not appear in the group photo.  Seems Ed thought 6:00 meant 6:04!  He knows better now.  Thanks for coming Ed, hope to see you tomorrow!
note 4)  A sight like this is never good at 6:30 AM.  Somehow, the trailing rider summited the hill first!  
note 5)  A big thanks to Dave for getting us out of our comfort zone to another great route!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where were You today?

OK . . . except for the ten of us that showed . . . just where were you on a nearly perfect riding day in Duluth?
Today was a great day for riding . . . 
First group leaving at 7:00 . . . well, most of the first group left at 7:00.  One unnamed rider was late.  His comments to us were:
"When I saw you riding 3 abreast up the Jean Duluth Rd, I knew no one had dropped the hammer.  Later on the Lismore Rd when I saw you single file . . . I knew I was in trouble."
Regardless, this fearless rider worked tirelessly for miles and miles (OK, around 10 miles) to reel us in.  The moment I saw him I knew the group speed was going nowhere but UP!
(I'm not sure, but I think the rider in the from may have
 been the aforementioned offender)
There are two important things to note in this photo:
1) the rider on the right is James longtime friend Shane.  
A big thanks to Shane for coming along!
I'm sure he knows he is welcome anytime!
2) SO, just what are those black things on James knees?
**note:  no other rider has them
As advertised, this was a fun, spirited . . . fast ride
This was the only time the author saw the faces of the riders
This was a much more common view . . . 
Fast paceline down the shore . . . no time for photos.
Thanks Guys!
The second group met at 10:30.  We will blame somewhat poor attendance on the previous days marathon (I know a few of you ran!)
Great to see you here on your new bike Ellen, join us again soon!
All I have to say is, it takes a real rider to wear a jersey like this.
Importantly, Dave delivers . . . 
Not sure how, but we ended up at the Mocha Moose, to meet Penny and Rick!
With service like this, why wouldn't we stop?
Thanks Kayla!
Yeah . . . this bike riding thing is really tough.
As for Eddy, he would have stopped too!
Of course all good things must come to an end.

Soon we were back to work, headed home.
So, where were you today?