Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chance encounter with the DBD

After a ride of 450 plus miles, of which much was gravel, Chris Skogen's journey concluded in a manner commensurate with its epic nature;
 a chance encounter with 
the senior member of the mysterious DBD (more later)
We first encountered Mr Skogen Thursday morning, while on a "stupid fast"
 ride from Two Harbors
 Today, Mr Skogen looking a bit worse for wear,
a lightpost and Coke
Seems he had taken to riding with "Dutchmen,"
 sleeping on floors and eating caramel rolls. Fortunately for Mr Skogen, a big engine was coming to his rescue
With just enough fuel remaining in the tank,
 Mr Skogen made it to the MOCHA MOOSE
Where he and Dan (Big Engine) relaxed and discussed the wonders of Duluth living and the complexities of family life . . .
Out of the blue . . . two itinerant riders joined them
l. John "hey, I'm finally out here" 
r. Sheree "watch what you say or I will throw this ice at you"
Somehow they put their differences behind them,
 and we became, for a time, one big happy family
As always, all good things must come to an end . . .
 Mr Skogen and Big Engine "head on down the highway . . . "
only to encounter, in a manner befitting of a true conspiracy . . .
none other than . . . Charlie Farrow of the DBD
In a manner and fashion possible only from Mr Farrow . . . 
His bike was sporting a 700 X 23 rear tire
and a 700 X 38 front tire . . . 
While Farrow described in detail the aerodynamic efficiencies
 of such a combination
Big Engine suited up, and flipped up his shades as to not look . . . 
Of course Farrow soon proved us wrong

and demonstrated how easy it is to keep a big tire on the white line
(er . . .  almost)
As we neared the finish, we realized even 
the Sundew was on hand to commemorate
 Mr Skogen's finish

Tomorrow is the Brewhouse Triathlon, regular rides
will resume 6:00 AM, Monday morning at "the Church"

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Easy" ride

The day started today with Rich posting how he rode all by himself on gravel this AM and everyone else rode hard and fast, so when he contacted me asking if I wanted to ride "easy" today, I thought... No way.

Then we left...

Sheree was doing just fine on the ride... as rich commented, there was a hansom man for her to talk to, so she forgot all about how fast we were or were not riding... then rich started riding with Dan, and Sheree told Rich to go take a hike... or maybe it was a dirt road.

As we continued to ride I noticed a trend, and that is one that all of us seem to understand.. Rich dominated all conversations....

Eventually we made it back to our homes after our "easy" ride, and though I was riding my new single speed, It was a nice relaxed ride... thanks all

Hello - Goodbye Hello - Goodbye

I knew after being hammered yesterday morning at 6:00 AM, and after being a nail yesterday evening at 6:00 PM, I needed an easy, happy ride
As I saw the boys marshaling, I knew it wouldn't happen
(that is the proper spelling by the way)
After recovering from an injury, I see Jymy B
I think this is him saying "Hello," but I'm not really sure, 
Russ is speaking in another strange language I don't understand
I can at least understand Tim
I quickly said "goodbye" to the boys and watched them ride off into the distance
I maintained a steady, luxurious pace as I turned off to the great unknown
I found a smiling totem
and spinning pinwheels
As I suspected, I was soon saying "hello" to the boys again
 go Jymy B!
and as I predicted, I was soon saying "goodbye" to the boys
The sign said "left," so I went that way
then right
I always wonder what buildings like this once were
even though there is no sign, why not?
So, while the boys were punishing each other, for me the day was a pleasant mix of old pavement, new pavement, gravel and single track.
We will post plans for tomorrow on the group page soon!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


5:54 AM, Thursday morning after riding some 290 miles;  Looking pretty good;
5:56 AM, Thursday morning after riding 4 miles; looking bewildered by a banana 
6:40 AM Thursday morning as 8 of us head up the shore, Chris asks:  If that thing only has one gear, how do you keep up?
6:41 AM Thursday, Chris sees the squiggly road ahead sign and thinks "oh oh . . . my cue cards don't show that!"
6:54 AM Thursday    DAMN . . .   (no worries, just 6 minutes early)
7:23 AM Thursday    STAY BACK . . . THIS ONE'S MINE
7:23 AM Thursday   This is a great life . . . livin' the dream
Thanks to Kayla at the MOCHA MOOSE!
8:05 AM Thursday  A little gravel side trip
8:22 AM Thursday  "Tell me again why you wouldn't want to live here!"
8:22 AM Thursday  "Are the boats in the water?" (quote from unknown or at least undisclosed, clearly confused rider . . .)
8:27 AM Thursday  the ORGANIZERS just before the testosterone kicked in.
  From this point forward the author was simply too busy trying to keep up to worry about photos
For those unaware, Jeremy is the ORGANIZER of the HECK of the NORTH
Chris the ORGANIZER of the ALMANZO 100 and the GENTLEMAN'S RIDE
Two pure (unpaid, under appreciated) PROFESSIONALS
TOMORROW:  6:00 at "the CHURCH"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


after yesterday's deluge, it was nice to see the sun
Thursday, 6:00 AM at the corner of Superior & Lester River Road

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yup . . . we got wet (again)

Our exact locations when the rain came
For some reason, John and Rich thought it
best to be riding gravel / clay / mud in the rain
Good thing "Orange" had her fenders on!
At least we missed this
We are promised no rain tomorrow
We'll ride at 6:00 AM from Lakeview Covenant Church!