Monday, November 28, 2011

Returning from Everest

Straight from Mt Everest, by way of Antarctica . . . before returning to his lovely family
This member of the famed, yet elusive and mysterious DBD, 
joined us for short session of tutelage
Note the patch on his sleeve, and the funny lookin' things on his hands
(what are those anyway?)
Riding strong, but never straight
He soon crafted a noble excuse to return home, but not before he exclaimed:
"Man . . . that's a nice ride . . ."
Vernturing bravely onward and upward without our expedition leader
We soon arrived at our food cache . . . cleverly disguised as the 
North Shore coffee shop(pe) "The Mocha Moose" at the Mocha Moose
Where Ron and Jim performed "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
After consumption of an exorbitant amount of caffeine
Tim and Dave led us back to camp at a blistering pace
Which left Hendricks scowling from pain and embarassment
(you would think we would have enough sense to not block the word "Duluth" on the sign)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The End of Gravel for 2011?

By now you know ne' er do well Hendricks ponied up and replaced the camera.
Sure, Thanksgiving day he took time to post a few pics . . .but he didn't bother 
to post those from the last three weeks.  See . . . he is a ne'er do well.
No worries . . . I'll post 'em for him . . .

Yup . . . we were out on the gravel
Note the cool red wheels on Russ' bike

"Are we lost . . . yet?"  I've never been here before
oh wait a minute . . . yes I have . . .
"What's that thing down there?  Oh yeah . . . it's my wheel . . ."
Not sure who these guys were, but they took Sheree on a ride!

That musta been some hill . . . will ya look at the scowl on her face!
Note Dave's arm position while drinkin' coffee
Similar positioning on the part of Tim . . . interesting
ne'er do well Hendricks doesn't quite have it down.
Some bogus excuse 'bout a crash?
Dee and the Epic.  Rumor has it, this is the first time she's ridden clean up this hill!
Then the snow and cold came, and this guy didn't have the sense to stay inside
One can only wonder: What are these two orange bikes doin'?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday Boy

Fortunately for all, blogs don't allow me to publicly sing
It was another great day today . . .
really Mary, it was . . .
Now this my friends is energy food
Ham, processed cheese and mustard
Her heart stopped soon after . . .
fortunately, Wayne was there to help resuscitate
(enough said!)
on the other hand . . .
Rick and Penny see this as perfectly normal
We were blessed with a magnificent tail wind on the ride home
Thanks for coming!  But would someone please tell Rich to tuck the orange jacket in?
Fashion disaster . . . 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

THANKSGIVING MORNING, 2011 . . . Lester Park

Beautiful morning for a ride
Nine of meet at nine for a promised easy ride

9:05 for some of us . . . (not wanting to mention names . . .)

Wayne wonders; "How far will we make it before someone has a flat?"
"Oh . . . I think we'll make it about five miles" (Jim)

hmmmm . . .
The question was posed:  "Is a turkey a raptor"
We got no answers . . .  but . . .

It is Thanksgiving .  .  . these guys gotta eat too!
(now that ne'er do well Rich has replaced his camera,
 perhaps this blog will actually get updated)