Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lovely Day



  1. Hi. My wife and I love biking Duluth, and wanted to know what kind of tires (or other special gear) you had. Are those studded tires, or winter tires? They look to be wide tires (cyclocross?). And is there a cycling group in Duluth that does group rides like TCBC in the Twin Cities? Thanks! The more we know, the more we bike Duluth in the winter. -Andy

  2. Hi . . . I was riding a single speed CX bike, standard 700 X 32 tires. There's not really any ice now, so studs are just not necessary! Other than that, Lake winter boots, and take a lot of time to dress properly! Don't overdress!!! But remember, there's a big difference between riding a fat tire bike in the woods, and anything on the "road." The road is a lot colder . . . a lot.

  3. I was riding a bike with actual gears and 30C road slick tires. The Lake winter boots would have been useful.