Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The DNT's got nothing on us

(apparently lost, Dave is riding circles of glee . . .)

(there must be some explanation for this photo)


  1. Looks fun. My wife and I might go out tomorrow and bike. Where were those pictures taken? I can't tell what roads those are (Jean Duluth maybe?). Do you have favorites roads and routes?

  2. Hey Anon . . . Yup, Jean Duluth Rd. It's the new bridge over the Lester River. Dave just happened to be there when it opened. Favorite roads and routes . . . Up Jean Duluth to Martin to Pequaywan Lake Rd to Fox Farm to either Two Harbors and back, or better yet . . . stay on the gravel and ride Hegberg etc back. Send a note if you need better directions, or just go out, get lost and have a great ride!